So I have this problem. About twice a year, I get annoyed with Daniel for not doing more romantic things. We aren’t a lovey dovey couple {which is OK with me}, but every once in a while, I get it in my head that it is his fault that we are this way.

Anyways, I got to thinking that on romantic “days” like Valentines and Anniversaries, it generally falls on the guy to be romantic. He should bring me flowers and plan a night out because he is the guy, right?

Well, recently I decided that it was unfair to place that responsibility completely on him. We are a partnership and we both should bring a little romance to the table. For our 8th anniversary, he bought me flowers and I bought him chocolates. For Valentines, I got up on Saturday and made us breakfast in bed. It makes me feel good to actively do something instead of just getting mad at him for not meeting my unfair expectations.

I made Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast {recipe from Annie’s Eats
with maple syrup and a side of fresh strawberries and a latte.

In case you’re wondering… he bought me a toaster oven 🙂


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