Our Mower…

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Daniel and I are no strangers to traveling long distances to save a buck. We do it partly for the adventure, but also for the sake of being frugal.
Most notable is the time we drove to Durango, Durango Mexico for our friend’s wedding. We travelled 35 hours EACH WAY to get to the wedding location and we were only in Durango for two days.
And then there was the time we drove to NYC to purchase a Pathfinder via eBay. Did I mention we did this on a Fourth of July weekend? Or that we managed to get lost in downtown NYC? This was also happened to be my first {and only} “visit” to DC.

Of lesser note are the many 12-hour {one-way} weekend trips to visit my family in Arkansas or the 12-hour {one-way} weekend trips to Canada to see my extended family {one of which was to celebrate my Grandparents 50th anniversary}.
We normally make these trips and then swear off ever doing them again.
Yesterday we managed to make a similar trip {though on a smaller scale – I suppose this means we are getting wiser with age?}. We drove 4-hours each way to the mountains of Northern Georgia to purchase a pull-behind mower that Daniel found on Craigslist. We got a smoking deal, but eight hours of driving later, we were questioning our rational.
To use the mower, we now need to buy a four-wheeler to pull the mower with. At least we have some time until our grass starts growing. Our goal is to limit our driving distance on the four-wheeler purchase… perhaps we can keep our driving distance to under two hours each way???
Next up: we have to figure out how to get the 500-lb mower OFF of our utility trailer {it took three guys to lift the mower onto the trailer – I’m afraid I won’t be much help lifting it off}.

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