Imprint Comfort Mat: A Review

I cook at least five meals every week. This has me in the kitchen for a minimum of 30 minutes per meal {sometimes closer to an hour or more}. I have been doing this for 8+years.

Anyways, several years ago, I noticed that I started getting pretty bad pain in my feet and my back while cooking. I tried wearing different shoes. I tried standing on a cheap, kind-of-thick mat {from Walmart}. I blamed my pain on the fact that we had tile floors and lamented that I really couldn’t cook sans shoes. And the pain continued for years.

A few months ago, Daniel suggested that we look into getting a mat that would be more supportive for me. I think that his original idea was an anti-fatigue mat that he had seen for garages. Let me tell you, I did NOT want an ugly garage mat in my kitchen, so I wrote the idea off. 

Then he showed me some mats from IMPRINT that were kitchen worthy, but I still wasn’t sold on the idea. But on Cyber Monday of last year, an old colleague who works for IMPRINT, facebooked that he was sharing a friend’s and family coupon code for a discount on the mats.

I told Daniel about it and we realized that IMPRINT was having a sale in addition to the friend’s and family discount, so it would be worth the investment.

We ordered two mats for the kitchen: a short one for the sink and a longer one that would span the area that I work the most {the counter and adjoining stove as seen in the photo above}.

We didn’t receive the mats until right after Christmas. Unfortunately the smaller mat they sent to us was the right color, but wrong pattern. The mats themselves are AMAZING. Daniel called to straighten out the mix up with our order and they said they would send us a new mat and a shipping label to return the other one.

It is now the end of January and we still haven’t received the correct mat, though Daniel’s correspondent did tell us that we can keep the wrong mat {I plan to put it in the laundry room}.

The mats themselves are incredibly comfortable and I have experienced NO pain in my feet or back since I have been using it. I am disappointed in the service, but as long as we receive our correct mat, I will be a happy camper.

I would definitely recommend the product, the verdict is out on the service at this point.

*Update: my correct mat FINALLY showed up. Daniel had to call customer service to bug them about it, but about 2 months after ordering the silly thing, we finally have it. The product itself is AMAZING. Still not crazy about how long it took to receive the correct purchase {though we did end up with 3 mats for the price of 2, since they goofed}.


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