It’s for the dogs…

A couple of days ago, Daniel noticed several of the dogs on our street congregating around something in the back of our neighbor’s yard. He got out his spotting scope and saw what he thought to be half of the carcass of a deer…. not sure where the top half was. Let’s just say that the dogs {and cats} have been having a little party over this deer. Thankfully Sophie has been too intimidated by the other dogs to venture near said carcass.

Today she must have mustered up some courage because I looked out the window to see her over where the thing was {luckily most of it is gone at this point}. Then she came back to the porch with a 4-inch bone in her mouth, wanting to be let in.

Of course, I had no desire for a bloody bone to be in the house so I wouldn’t let her come inside. She pouted and decided to go lay in the yard to gnaw on it for a little while. I eventually let her back in, but it took some coaxing to get her to drop the thing.

I have heard that Beagles are known to wallow in dead carcasses {like get completed covered in the stuff}. THANK GOODNESS that Sophie didn’t have that particular instinct because there is no way I would have let her in the house without a bath and it is 35F outside {which would make for a pretty frigid bath}!

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