Holiday Recap

I feel like I am just now starting to recover from the holidays. I find it interesting that there is a big rush to get Christmas started {stores and radio stations pushing Christmas from Halloween on} and then just as quickly, there is a rush to take it all down and move on with the new year.

I lean towards letting Christmas come at its own pace. Preferably after Thanksgiving. When Christmas is over, I am all for letting it linger for a little while. I am in no rush to take down the twinkle lights and ornaments that remind me of days gone by. I want to savor it just a little longer.

Anyways, we had a lovely Christmas. It started the Monday before Christmas when my sister brought my Grandparents over for a quick visit. Wednesday we went out with Daniel’s co-workers to celebrate a birthday. And then on Thursday we headed to Nashville to see more family – including lunch with Daniel’s mom to celebrate her birthday. After lunch, we went to my aunt’s house to meet up with my family. And Thursday-Sunday we stayed at my sister’s house {sneaking out Christmas Eve to spend some time with Daniel’s family}. 

Christmas morning we woke up to snow – a rarity in the south {especially for Christmas}. My family draws names and we buy a gift for only one person, but everyone buys for Izzy {my niece}. It was so much fun watching Izzy open her presents {18 months is a great age to experience Christmas}. After presents and breakfast, we headed to my aunt’s for a Christmas dinner with extended family. 

Christmas night we headed to Opryland Hotel to take in all of the lights. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, the roads started to freeze and we had some difficulty making it back to my sister’s house. This included an iced over ramp in which we had to turn around and drive off going the wrong way. Fun times.

Sunday we stopped in to say hi to Daniel’s dad on our way home. Daniel’s sister came with us for a quick overnight visit at our new house.

Then we enjoyed a low-key week. On New Year’s Eve, we met friend’s in Chattanooga for lunch. Daniel and I took care of errands while “in town” and splurged and ate at Chick-fil-a for our New Year’s Eve dinner 😉 When we got home, we watched Dan in Real Life and stayed up to watch the ball drop. Saturday it rained all day and we lazed around. And finally Daniel’s dad came for a quick overnight visit. 

We truly enjoyed getting to visit with both of our families. But we are just as thankful to be home and getting back to life as usual. Along with most people, I think our number one resolution is to lose weight and get in shape {no more Christmas snacking}.

*No pics of Daniel’s family because I didn’t have a camera with me… if they get posted online, I will add them.

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