Project 52 Date Nights: All Work and No Play

Last week we didn’t have time for an actual date. Friday we ran errands in Chattanooga. 
I ordered 11 pairs of tennis shoes from Zappos 
{yay for free shipping for delivery AND returns}.
One of our errands included going to UPS to ship back
the 10 pairs of shoes that didn’t fit.

Saturday we hung peg board in the garage so that Daniel can finally finish unpacking all of his tools. And so that we can start using the garage to park in!
 Putting my carpentry skills to use.

Then Sunday we turned the power off for 5 hours {on our first snow day this winter} in order for Daniel to work on a project. Unfortunately the temp in the house dropped to 55 before we could turn the power back on. I read a book by candle light when Daniel didn’t need my help. 
Daniel cutting one {of several} holes in the wall.
Even though, we didn’t have a typical date, we did spend lots of time together.


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