Project 52 Date Nights: Can’t Get Enough

Coming off of the Thanksgiving holiday we have been eating a lot of leftovers. We have also had intermittent company which meant I didn’t have a chance to get to the grocery store until Wednesday of last week. By Monday, we were both getting tired of turkey… though I did use some of it to make a pretty good Turkey and Dumpling Stew {incorporating leftover stuffing for the dumplings}.

On Monday night we opted to go out for a post-racquetball meal at Buenavista Mexican Restaurant with one of Daniel’s co-workers. Daniel and I split the Mex Tex Fajitas {one of our faves}.

Then Tuesday came and we found ourselves headed back to town and into the parking lot of our favorite Mexican restaurant {I guess that we were really sick of turkey}. I had a Shrimp Chimichanga and Daniel tried a Chicken Nacho dish. I’m just thankful that we have at least one restaurant that we truly love in our little town. We just need to make sure we don’t wear it out.

Which we may be on the road to doing since we went BACK to Buenavista on Saturday when friends from Murfreesboro came for a visit! Third time’s a charm?!?

Buenavista Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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