Project 52 Date Nights: Movie on a Week Night

I was too busy moving to write this post on Tuesday, but we did have a date last week. 
Early last week, Daniel and I went to eat at Sugar’s Ribs in downtown Chattanooga. The food was great, but the music and decor made it feel like we were at a disco instead of a ribs joint. 

Sugar's Ribs on Urbanspoon

Before dinner, we had briefly contemplated skipping dinner altogether and going to the movies and splitting nachos instead. The movie we wanted to see didn’t start until after 8, so we decided to forego that option. 

When we left Sugar’s, Daniel asked me if I was still interested in going to the movies. This was a bit surprising since it would mean getting home late and he would still have to get up early to drive to work the next day. After a bit of discussion, we decided to go.

We normally only go to cheap theaters and this year has been too busy for movie going. The Majestic 12 in downtown Chattanooga was a treat. The seats were the most comfortable theater seats we have sat in. Ever. For $9 per person, this theater is definitely worth a visit. We watched Life As We Know It and managed to make it home by 11 {Daniel normally tries to go to bed by 9:30 so he was dragging on Wednesday}. It was a nice spontaneous date in the midst of a very chaotic time.


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