A Friendly Wager…

Yesterday one of Daniel’s co-workers pulled him aside. Daniel thought that they were going to discuss something work related. As it turns out, this co-worker wanted to know how I was doing living in a camper. Evidently Daniel’s co-workers have started a bet regarding how long I will last in the camper.

The funny thing is that the whole idea to live in a camper was originally my idea. Daniel told his co-worker that I was not your typical woman. That I had lived in a third-world country as a child and my standards were not necessarily typical.

So far, so good. I am not ready to throw in the towel (by a long shot). Yesterday I went grocery shopping – I planned meals for three days because I wasn’t sure how all of the groceries would fit in our fridge. I think I could have actually fit 4-5 days of groceries fairly easily – I am trying to plan meals that would overlap ingredients.
Monday Dinner: Chicken and Asparagus in a Marsala Reduction {excellent recipe, though I substituted a white wine for the Marsala}
Tuesday Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob {I will marinate the Salmon in white wine and lemon juice and the corn will be rolled in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper}

Wednesday Dinner: Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with sauteed Asparagus, Mushrooms, Zucchini and Chicken.

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