Moving Woes

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan and orchestrate. You can’t always make things go perfectly. In our case, we had to contend with an insurance company that 1) delayed sending us a check and then 2) sent us a check made out to the wrong  mortgage company. In addition we had to delay having the roof replaced because of rain. But all of that seemed to work itself out in a timely manner.

Last week, Daniel called the window replacement company and they said they would be here TODAY, July 22, at 8:30 to replace the windows. Daniel called them yesterday to confirm again and left a voice mail when they didn’t answer the phone. He just called back this morning to find out they had made a mistake and they weren’t coming by after all. The windows will not actually be in until NEXT week. This is very frustrating.

Daniel is going to touch base with our realtor, but in effect this means that money stays in escrow until the windows are replaced. I am not sure if we will still go through with the Monday closing or not. It will be really annoying if we have to come back at a later date to close. All because a window company looked at the wrong date on the calendar and then didn’t bother to tell us they goofed.

On a happy note… the moving crew is here with their monstrous VanLines truck and in the last hour, they have loaded a good portion of our stuff. The boxes go pretty quick. I don’t know how long the big furniture and stuff in the garage will take.

Hopefully we won’t have any more hiccups. I am getting a headache from the sound of packing tape. I need some coffee…


This is the biggest moving truck I have ever seen. 
There were three different doors on the side of the truck with 
ramps that pulled out. It was crazy big. So big that you really 
can’t even see the entire truck in this picture!
Update: The 4 movers were able to load EVERYTHING in 3.5 hours.

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