the good. the bad. the random.

The Good. Had an amazing time catching up with friends and family this past weekend.
The Bad. I am still recovering from the craziness.
The Random. It has been 3 weeks with ZERO showings for the house. I am trying not to let it get me down.
The Good. My brother is now Master Mark – he graduated from grad school on Saturday.

The Bad. I missed his actual graduation, but got to spend 6 hours with him in the car, hanging out, catching up.
The Random. I have the cutest, sweetest niece in the whole world {I’m not biased}. We saw her {and my sister and brother-in-law} for lunch last Friday. Then again on Sunday. The best part is that she came to me immediately. We hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving. I would like to think she remembered me. But it is more likely the fact that she is a super happy baby and seems to love everyone.
The Good. Daniel will be home in two days.
The Bad. This weekend he is actually taking a course he’s been really wanting to take… I guess this means I can get caught up on my reading.
The Random. I needed to give Sophie a bath on Monday after I got home. I was having trouble hooking the hose up to the sink {don’t ask}, so I put on a swimsuit and had her stand in the master bathroom shower with me. She was not a fan. But I managed to get her clean.
The Good. I started a new exercize program last night – The 30-Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.
The Bad. Sophie thought we were “playing” while I worked out. Having a 30-pound dog jump on you while you do butt kicks or jumping jacks is not conducive to a good workout. Even better was when she decided to sit on my head while I did crunches. I tried to hold her off with one arm… Eventually I told her to get on the couch and STAY. This worked for the next round of cardio, but she still wanted to sit on my head every time I laid down 😦
The Random. It turns out that my Grandpa has colon cancer. Since I don’t live in Canada, it is kind of hard to process. We are making plans for a trip to Ontario some time this summer. It has been several years since I have been up there. And I had to send off to renew my passport. He has lived a long, full life. But I am not ready for him to be done on this earth. It is in God’s hands.


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