the good. the bad. and the random.

The Good. We had another showing tonight and I was able to leave work early. Also found out that our house is on the buyer’s short list… hopefully that will come to fruition.
The Bad. This week, we have been crazy busy at work on a roll out of a new package design for Peak shoe care products that will be sold in K-Mart and Sears. It is actually nice to be so busy, but it is taking its toll. Plus I haven’t had time to devote to my other projects.
The Random. I actually found some gold heels that I like. I wasn’t sure what  I would find when Kristalynne asked us bridesmaids to wear gold shoes… I never wear gold anything!!!

The Good. Daniel will be home tomorrow night {late}.
The Bad. I hope that I don’t have to work this weekend 😦
The Random. I skipped a week of running. When I started back up yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had missed running.
The Good. I was driving home yesterday and I saw an oversized, non-descript white truck driving down Randolph by the hospital. I thought that it looked like it might hold an elephant and wondered if a circus was coming to town. Later that day I saw a tent going up on Moorehead. My friend Alexa, did some research and found out that Cavalia is coming to town. It looks like fun.
The Bad. Tickets to Cavalia are crazy expensive.
The Random. I really want to see Date Night.

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