Project 52: Date Nights – So Long. Farewell. My Feet Are Stained. Goodbye.

When I was in college, I spent a summer in Germany and Switzerland. Before the group I was traveling with left the USofA, we were given some basic German words and phrases to learn. Somebody also found a list of “sounds like” phrases to help us with our German. One of them was to say “My feet are stained” in lieu of “Auf Wiedersehen.” Which cracked me up and has always stuck with me… most of the time we just said, “Guten Tag.”

Anyways, Germany and stained feet have absolutely nothing to do with our weekly date. But this date did end in Goodbye. After a crazy month, an even crazier 7 days and the craziest weekend of working on the house, we topped it off by going to The Original Pancake House {our favorite place to go for Sunday morning brunch}. After eating, we said our {tearful} goodbyes in the parking lot and Daniel left Charlotte to drive the 5.5 hours to Chattanooga.

And so begins a job-induced separation with no clear end in sight. Talk about de ja vu… 8+yeas ago, while in college, we would take turns driving 6 hours {each way} EVERY weekend to see each other. *Gas was a lot cheaper back then, hopefully the driving will not kill us financially.

Unfortunately the house is still not quite ready to go on the market. This week I will be spending my evenings touching up paint, tying up loose projects and CLEANING. I will also be trying to meet with potential realtors to figure out how we want to proceed.

Hopefully the coming week won’t be too terrible. Our time apart in the last 7+years has been very minimal {almost non existent} and I am not crazy about the whole separation thing. I am looking forward to our next date because it means he will be back in Charlotte with me for the weekend.


I saw this on Pop and Shorty and thought that it would be a nice compliment to weekly dating.


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