Traffic Calming

In Engineering terms, traffic calming is the slowing or reduction of motor-vehicle traffic to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. (I know this term because my husband is an engineer). One example of traffic calming is a roundabout. This is a type of circular intersection in which traffic must travel in one direction around a central island forcing the traffic to slow down, but enabling traffic to continue to flow.
Example of traffic calming. Photo found here.

Another example of traffic calming can be found in our living room. We recently added a coffee table and found that this prevents our dog {Sophie} from hurtling herself across the room and onto the sofa at full throttle. Instead, we find her running {at a somewhat reduced pace} through the living room, around the coffee table and onto the couch where she proceeds to find a comfortable spot and go to sleep.
Traffic calming for our dog. Photo by Cheree.


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