Our New IKEA Couch

It’s here!!! Getting our new couch from IKEA proved to be difficult. We were originally going to purchase it back in November {for my birthday} but we opted to go camping in the mountains instead.
And then we were going to get it sometime in late November, but Daniel decided we should buy a trailer instead of renting a truck. So finding and buying a trailer ate up another weekend.
Then Daniel got his job offer and we were ecstatic and felt even better about our furniture purchase. With Christmas on the way, and an upcoming visit from my brother and Daniel’s dad, we tried to get our basement finished and furniture purchased.
We went to IKEA the day my brother got to town and lo and behold, our particular couch {2+3/3+2 with chaise} was a SPECIAL ORDER purchase. If we had done our research in the first place, we would have known that.
For some reason {I think I was extremely tired and grumpy and it was close to closing time} we decided to hold off on the purchase.
So… the Monday after Christmas, we went back to IKEA, made our order and went home with a receipt and a promise of a call in 2 weeks.
We FINALLY got the call Thursday and went to pick up yesterday. We brought the load home and we are very happy with our purchase for our basement rec room. It took us 1.5 hours to put the couch together {after we laughed at the pictogram instructions.} Yay for IKEA.


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