Six Week Challenge: Day 26

12:30 PM: We decided to head up to Linville Gorge to do a 5-mile hike to the Linville Falls. 

As we were loading the car and getting ready to leave, I stepped on a bee that got stuck between my sandle strap and my foot. Subsequently stinging the arch of my right foot. So instead of getting in the car, we came back inside where I immediately put ice on my foot and took a Benadryl. After some contemplating, I decided we should proceed with the trip.

Linville Gorge was beautiful. The temperature was perfect. The first part of the hike was pretty crowded – we went to three lookouts where we could view the Falls from above. Lots of people and lots of dog. Sophie still feels the need to “protect us” and she growls at all other dogs, regardless of their size.

The second half of the hike was down into the gorge. This part of the trail was less populated. At the bottom of the falls, we were able to wade in the water and even managed to get Sophie to swim for the first time – she didn’t like it, but she did it. After a snack of an orange and half a Clif Bar, we headed back to the car.

The only negative of walking into a gorge is that you have to walk out. Which means the end of your hike is the more tiring.

Meals For Today:

Breakfast: Bowl of Cereal with Milk, Iced Coffee with Fat-Free Vanilla CoffeeMate and Watermelon
Lunch: We stopped at a Chik-fil-a in Morganton on the way to Linville Gorge. I opted for the Chicken-Strip Salad with no croutons, no cheese and minuscule amount of ranch dressing. Glass of water.
Snack: An Orange and half of a Pretzel Peanut Butter Clif Bar
Dinner: After our hike, we were too hungry to wait to get home to eat. Our initial choices of places to eat were Sonic, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell. Since we don’t have a Sonic near us, we opted for that. We consulted our book Eat This Not That and decided to compromise. We picked a Sonic Burger with Mustard, Ketchup and Pickles and a Bacon Cheddar Toaster Burger. We each ate half of both burgers. It was delicious.
Total Water: 48 oz
Total Calories According to Calorie Count: 1463

Calories are low, even with the two fast food stops. Fat percentage was on the high side (38.6%), but it was worth it after our 5-mile hike.


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