Our Fifth Anniversary


Has it really been five years since we got married? Last night we were reminiscing about the night before our wedding… pre-wedding jitters and excitement and being with friends and family. It is kind of surreal to look back at that time now. Daniel asked me if there was anything that I would change about the past five years and after a moment’s thought, I said no. Life has not been perfect, but we have learned so much and grown so much.


When we were first married and so in love, it was hard to imagine that things would ever be better than what they were on December 16, 2002 and yet here we are on December 16, 2007 and things are better than we could have ever imagined. Our love has grown and we have both changed, but for good. Daniel agrees that there isn’t anything that he would change either.


We spent the weekend in Hilton Head. Friday was gorgeous and sunny, Saturday was overcast and rainy and today it cleared up again. We really enjoyed our time there. It is the off season and felt more like a ghost town than a resort area. But so long as we have our bicycles, we are happy campers.


We ate at our favorite restaurants, talked with the locals and enjoyed the laziness of being on an island. Friday night we biked to dinner and then rode our bikes 6 miles on the beach back to our resort. It was awesome – we were able to watch the sunset, and then bike beside the waves since the tide was out. The moon and stars were incredible.

The weekend was a wonderful retreat from everyday life. It is so nice to step away from things and not have to worry about anything. 


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